The Trace Plays the Race Card in Solon, Ohio Shooting


Matthew Desha (courtesy

Gabby Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions recently advised the rest of the civilian disarmament industrial complex to avoid waving the bloody shirt. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropagators at The Trace didn’t get the memo. Or chose to ignore it. Why wouldn’t … Read More

Engineer your own vehicles, military style

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Engineer your own vehicles, military style

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Seven Shot at Brighton, Alabama “Love Thy Neighbor Day”


Memorial for Love Thy Neighbor Day, Brighton, Alabama (courtesy

“Witnesses estimated more than 700 people were celebrating ‘Love Thy Neighbor Day’ near the community center on Seventh Avenue when gunfire erupted at around dusk,” reports. “‘It was chaos,’ said event organizer Isaac Bruister, associate minister of Friendship Baptist … Read More

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Bergara B14 Rifle Wins UK’s Shooting Industry Awards’ Best Rifle for 2016

The Bergara B14 bolt-action rifle, distributed exclusively in the UK by RUAG AMMOTECH UK, and introduced in 2015, has received rave reviews from writers, retailers and sportsmen.


Bergara B14 Hunter Rifle
Bergara B14 Hunter Rifle


BPI logoLawrenceville, Ga. ( – The Bergara B14 Hunter bolt-action rifle recently won the U.K.’s prestigious “Rifle of the Year” award during the 21st annual U.K. Shooting Industry awards. Distributed exclusively by RUAG AMMOTEC UK, since 2015 in the United Kingdom, the B14 rifle, with its unmatched accuracy and superior level of craftsmanship, has won the hearts of the British hunting media, as well as the sporting public and retailers.

The award is sponsored by U.K.’s top sporting publications, “Shooting Gazette”, “Sporting Gun”, “Shooting Times”, and, who are all part of Time Inc.’s annual Shooting Industry Awards. The judging panel consisted of the publications’ editors and experts in the fields of hunting, gunsmithing and game keeping.UK Rifle Award 2016

“The quality and accuracy of Bergara barrels are known world-wide by hunters, military, and law enforcement professionals alike,” Ben Fleming, President of Bergara USA said. “The introduction of the Bergara B14 into the global market has been extremely successful. With such a positive reception of the B14 rifle platform here in the USA, as well as with our European partners, it offers a wonderful confirmation that shooters everywhere are seeing and feeling the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every rifle we build.”

The Bergara B-14 Hunter combines legendary Bergara barrel accuracy with a super-smooth B-14 Action and a Bergara curved trigger for a crisp, clean pull, guaranteed every time. When molding the glass fiber reinforced polymer stock, solid steel pillars are inserted and permanently molded into place to provide a highly stable bedding surface for the barreled action.

In the United States, the Bergara B-14 rifle introduction continues to be met with great success. In time for hunting season, the B-14 Hunter is available now at retailers across the country.

As of this month, RUAG AMMOTECH is introducing the Bergara B-14 Varmint in .308 Win with a blued, threaded barrel, black synthetic stock and choice of floorplate or detachable box magazine to their U.K. retailers.

Follow Bergara on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

About Bergara USA:

Bergara USA, headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, combines the world-class rifle barrels manufactured in Bergara, Spain with U.S. high-tech design and functionality in high demand by hunters, target shooters and professionals for the American market.


RUAG Ammotech UK ltd is a leading distributor of a wide selection of shooting sports and hunting products for the retail trade in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1969 to import and distribute cartridges, RUAG has grown to include a variety of well-known and high-quality products distributed solely to over three hundred retail accounts.


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West Philly Home Intruder Shot in Ex-Girlfriend’s Home After Altercation


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.32.05 AM A man was shot and killed in the West Philadelphia home of his ex-girlfriend after he broke in, assaulted the mother of his two children and got into an altercation with her new boyfriend. Police said the 33-year-old man first tried to break into the home on Markoe Street through a kitchen window just after midnight Wednesday morning. The woman and her current boyfriend were able to push the man out of their house. The couple called police to report the break-in but the man, who is the father of the woman’s two children asleep in the home at the time, would not be deterred. Shortly after, the couple heard a disturbance on the second floor of the house and discovered the man had gained entry through a second story window. Police said the man began assaulting the mother of his children and quickly found himself in an altercation with her boyfriend. During the altercation, the boyfriend drew a handgun and shot the man in the chest. The couple called police a second time to report the shooting. Medics transported the man to a local hospital where he died a short time later. The children were not harmed in the shooting.

Police said the woman and the children were being interviewed, however the current boyfriend fled the scene before police arrived. They have yet to talk with him to get a statement.

No charges stemming from the incident have been filed at this time.

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Protecting a City and Guarding Our Nation



Protecting a City and Guarding Our Nation

Ethan Mennen Tells Survival Life What It’s Like to Be a Cop and Army Ranger

Ethan Mennen is a busy guy.

Not only is he a full-time detective for the New York City police department, he also serves as a Lieutenant and instructor in the New York State Army National Guard.

Photo courtesy of Ethan Mennen.

Photo courtesy of Ethan Mennen.

Police Work

nypd police badge                 

Mennen says he joined the police force and, eventually, the military because he was searching for a more fulfilling career after brief stints in television production, advertising and as a pre-school teacher.

“On 9/11 I lived a short distance from the World Trade Center. My roommates and I couldn’t go back to our apartment for about a week afterwards due to no running water,” Mennen said. “Shortly thereafter, I took the NYPD test. I was hired by the NYPD in July of 2003 after about a year and a half of testing. It was my first job in law enforcement.”

Though Mennen has family ties to the NYPD (his paternal grandfather was an NYPD detective from 1939-1954), seeking a career as an officer wasn’t something he planned.

“Becoming a police officer was not something that was a life-long goal. It was just something that happened,” Mennen said. “I took the initial test and then went through over a year of testing. They called me one day and said, ‘If you want to be a police officer, show up on Monday.’ And I did. Once I got on the job, I fell in love with it.”

Mennen began his career in law enforcement as a street cop working the 10th precinct (Manhattan’s Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen neighborhoods.) But he always had his eyes set on the Intelligence Bureau, knowing how prestigious and well-respected they were in the department. In 2012, that goal was realized when Mennen was accepted to the NYPD Intelligence Unit. In 2014, he was promoted to Detective.

“I loved my time on the street and worked with a great bunch of people. I moved on because I was offered opportunities I couldn’t pass up,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Ethan Mennen.

Photo courtesy of Ethan Mennen.

Though Mennen loves his job, he says it does not come without its hardships. Finding a good balance between work and a personal life is a constant struggle. In recent years, an added burden has been placed on police officers as they find themselves the focus of media scrutiny.

“The last couple years have not been great in terms of how people perceive police officers. There have been times where I hesitated to tell people what I do for a living because I didn’t want them to have a negative first impression of me,” Mennen says.

Mennen believes that much of the criticism leveled at police officers is due to “reporters” on social media taking things out of context.

Tweets by @NYPDnews

“There are people who should not be police officers, but sometimes they get through the hiring process. I do not believe police brutality is the epidemic some people would have you believe. In this age of social media anyone can be an instant reporter. Unfortunately, in many videos, you don’t get the full context of what happened before the camera started. I believe bad cops should be exposed, but you cannot indict the entire profession of policing because of a small number of bad actors,” Mennen said.

Still, he does see some value in the conversations taking place.

“Police officers should be held to a higher standard of behavior. We are the street-level enforcers of the law. Sites like Twitter can provide a great forum for talking about current problems with the institution of law enforcement, but it has to be done responsibly.”

Military Career

NY national guard patch

After seven years on the police force, Mennen was ready to tackle another goal. In 2010, at age 34, Mennen joined the New York State Army National Guard.

Mennen says that his military training was challenging in an entirely different way than being a police officer is, particularly where self-discipline is concerned.

“The Army instilled a sense of discipline that I had never fully developed. Ranger school showed me what is possible when you remove choice from the equation. When you’re in the field in Ranger school, you don’t have the luxury of choice. You know you’re not going to sleep or eat very much, so you stop worrying about those things. Your body adapts and you develop an ability to lead soldiers in the absence of comfort. It proved to me that people are capable of amazing things that they never thought possible. Once choice was removed from the equation, I realized I was capable of things at 35 years old that I never would have even attempted in my early 20’s,” Mennen said.

Though Mennen was older than many of his fellow infantrymen, he says that his age and experience proved to be an advantage and that he was able to look at things through a slightly different lens than his peers.

Tweets by @NationalGuardNY

“I realized that everything our drill sergeants did was for a reason. They really didn’t hate us, they were teaching us through pain. They had to break us down physically and emotionally in order to become good soldiers. Some of the younger guys took it personally and they became angry. I was old enough to know that everything the drill sergeants did had a purpose. That mentality helped me get through all my Army training,” Mennen said.

After completing basic training, Mennen went to Officer Cadet School and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. He then completed Infantry Officer School. In 2012, he earned the Ranger tab at age 35, then “walked-on” to Airborne School. He has also completed Air Assault School and Mountain Warfare School, and served as an Infantry Platoon Leader and Executive Officer of an Infantry Company.

In January of this year, Mennen became an instructor at the New York State Regional Training Institute Officer Candidate School at Camp Smith in Peekskill, NY.

“My Army experience has helped me in the NYPD. My experience leading soldiers has helped me be a successful Detective. And being a police officer developed my ability to talk to people and read people, which enhances my ability to lead soldiers. Each of my careers complements the other,” Mennen says.

Personal Safety and Self Defense

Naturally, his experience both on the police force and in the army makes Mennen an expert in personal and family protection.

“There are steps you can take to protect yourself from becoming a victim. It mostly has to do with being aware of your surroundings. Trust your instincts. They evolved to keep us safe,” Mennen said.

Tweets by @ethanmennen

He continued, “If you are uncomfortable in a situation, get out of it. If an elevator door opens and you don’t feel safe getting in it because of someone in there, wait for the next one. If someone taps your bumper your first reaction is to pull over and exchange information. Just be aware of your surroundings. Is it dark? Are you alone? Is there someplace you can pull over that has better lighting and more people? If a car not clearly marked as a police car tries to pull you over, drive to a well-lit public area like a gas station parking lot or a restaurant with other people and then pull over. Any cop should understand.”

Here are some more of his tips:

  • If you’re out late at a restaurant or bar, don’t go anywhere alone – not even the bathroom
  • Don’t accept a drink you didn’t see being made
  • If you take a cab home, ask the driver to wait until you get inside your house or building
  • Don’t wait until you are standing at the door to get your keys out of your bag. Have them in your hand before you get out of the car. This will keep you from being vulnerable as you search for them, plus they make a great impromptu weapon if needed.
  • Once inside, make sure the door closes and locks behind you and no one has followed you inside
  • Carry OC spray (also known as pepper spray or mace)
  • Keep the contents of your purse organized so you’re not fishing around for something you need in a hurry
  • Don’t bury your head in your phone while walking
  • Remove your headphones as you approach your door so you can hear if someone is behind you
  • Know where you are (what street you’re on) in case you need to call for help
  • Try to avoid crowded places like diners late at night
  • Drink responsibly – alcohol contributes to a lot of late-night crimes such as assaults and thefts
  • Your mother was right: nothing good happens after midnight

“You learn pretty quickly on this job that you are not going to save the world, but you can make people’s lives a bit better once they have been victimized. And you can try to help them by offering some advice on how to not be a victim in the future,” Mennen said. “When I retire from the NYPD I would like to work to stop either human trafficking or animal abuse. I feel that those two categories of crime deserve more attention than they have gotten in the past.”

To learn more about Ethan Mennen, follow him on Twitter.

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The Best Way Home: SHTF Route Planning

Written by Pat Henry on The Prepper Journal.

4.5/5 (10)

Imagine it’s 1:15 on a Thursday afternoon. You and some friends at work have recently returned from lunch and you are settling back into work. As you are going about your daily responsibilities, the Emergency Broadcast System starts to blare over a coworker’s radio. Normally you would ignore this, but you also get an Emergency alert message on your smart phone. Funny, you could swear you had disabled those, but is says that there has been a terrorist attack in Los Angeles and urges calm and promises more information soon. You start walking out of your office towards the break-room and notice everyone crowded around the TV when the power goes out. Looking down, you notice your phone isn’t working either.

Making for the nearest window, you notice that vehicles on the road have stopped, seemingly right in their tracks. Could this be an EMP? Not wanting to overreact, you take the stairs and walk out to the parking lot. You try your key fob but that doesn’t work either so you use your key. A quick check of the ignition and you realize your car isn’t going anywhere either. Slowly your co-workers validate the same with their cars and you start looking at the possibility that you will could have to walk back home. Unfortunately for you, you work 72 miles away from home.

It’s one of the more common problems us preppers try to figure out. What is the best way home as quickly and safely as possible when SHTF and you are far away? I had a reader ask me the following question:

My husband works 75 miles from home. My greatest fear is that disaster or SHTF will happen while he is at work. I would like to start planning for how he might get home, but don’t know how to begin figuring out what is the best route. Most posts (here and elsewhere) on the subject are about get home bags and what equipment to have with you, but not so much about planning the actual route, other than to stay off major highways. Would like to hear the pros and cons of sticking to roadways, crossing private property, what type of maps to consult, etc. – Zendelle

I always appreciate questions from our readers and I will try to give my thoughts about this subject as I have considered this myself. So without any further ado…

What is the best way home during a SHTF event?

There are so many factors that come into play when you are talking about a situation like this. How far away are you? What is the weather like? What region will you be traveling through? Are you in an urban environment or rural? What type of shape are you in? Do you have other people, like children you have to consider? Are your two youngest in school or daycare? What type of clothing and footwear are you wearing? What time of day are you starting out?

Each person is unique and our situations are also unique so there are no firm and set rules for anything but I have given this some thought. At one point in my life I commuted 90 minutes each way to work. It was 77 miles’ door to door and getting home in that type of scenario I mentioned above would be no picnic for anyone. To be really prepared, you have to imagine walking home in the heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter.

For this hypothetical, we will assume that there really has been some type of national catastrophe. Maybe an EMP attack from a rogue nation or terrorist cell has disrupted all modern electrical appliances. Virtually everything electric has shut down and you have precious little time, a couple of days tops to make it back home to your family before the chaos really starts.

To be really prepared, you have to imagine walking home in the heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter.

Before you take the first step: What gear do you need to consider?

I know our reader mentioned that most people only talk about Get Home Bags when this topic comes up but it is worth spending a few sentences here on how best to equip yourself before this even happens.

  • Get Home Bag – Having a get home bag in your car will be an important step in the right direction so to speak. I won’t get into what you should pack in your get home bag, but we do cover all of that in several articles on the subject. You can read our post about putting together your Get Home Bag.
  • Proper Footwear – Flip flops belong at the pool people! My children are guilty of this too, but if you are forced to walk home, what are you going to wish you had on your feet? Sturdy footwear like hiking boots or at least good athletic shoes should be one consideration.
  • Dress for the elements – Dress like you will be spending all day outside not sitting in a cubicle. Regardless of the season, have appropriate clothing on that will protect you from the elements, especially if you are going to be further than an hour’s walking time from home.
  • Food/Water/Shelter – You should have at a minimum, a container that will hold water, a way to filter water, some form of emergency shelter and food. You don’t need a four course meal to survive, but something to keep your energy up. Think power bars or protein bars. Survival rations work too and won’t go bad in the car.
  • Protection – Do you have some protection from two-legged animals? I always have a personal firearm, but Tasers and bear spray are options too that are better than nothing.
  • Maps – And the knowledge of how to read them. These can be simple street maps, you don’t have to have topo maps of the entire region. You can grab the road atlas out of your car before you head out.

Planning your route and alternate route home.

For the commuter who drives to work, I would imagine that each of you have already mapped out the most efficient route to your place of business that you use virtually every single day. We get into a routine because we found a way that works. It’s usually the most direct, fastest way to get where you need to go. I even go into autopilot some days on the weekend and start driving my work route even when I am not going that direction. These habits can be a good thing in one respect.

London Map

each of you have already mapped out the most efficient route to your place of business that you use virtually every single day

Commuters who use trains or buses follow a similar route. The trains go into central spokes normally that would mimic a commute via car. None of us should really worry about the normal route we take back home as long as we know the roads we would take if public or personal transportation was down. With few exceptions, the highway system is going to be the quickest way we can get back to our home city. Highways level out hills and go around natural obstacles. However, what if the route you normally follow has been blocked? What if you travel through less savory parts of town that you wouldn’t normally want to be walking down the street?

Identify your primary, secondary and tertiary routes home – In my case, working 77 miles from home, I was likely looking at 2 to 3 days of hiking to make it back assuming I did not encounter anything that made me need to alter my course. Most of my commute was interstate highway so I would have simply followed that route. However, if that didn’t work out, I could cut back on a smaller highway that would have taken me on a much more rural track to the South back home.

Depending on how people were reacting you could run into rioting or looting in some areas. I would have been walking on the highway through several major population centers that might be best avoided. I don’t think I would ever cut across someone’s property unless there were strong benefits and low risks that I perceived from doing so. Going cross-country, without the benefit of a road can slow you down and may even bring on injury more quickly as you could have to navigate natural obstacles like streams, dense underbrush, rocks, etc. The last thing you want to do is injure your self and make walking more difficult or even impossible while you try to shave 20 minutes off your trip.

Having more than one route back home can help you avoid dangerous areas.

Having more than one route back home can help you avoid dangerous areas.

Rather than having a specific route I am taking, I would consult the maps I store in my car to decide which ways I would alternate if needed. I would go to the south of the major urban areas if I sensed any danger but I would still be staying on paved roads that were common thoroughfares.

Pros and Cons of various routes

In the example above, does your normal route take you through urban areas you would rather avoid? Has the disaster already started to make people act irrationally? I think that most of us even in the scenario I described above will be able to count on average people thinking that nothing is wrong. The power will come back on because it always does. Food will still be available and there will still be items on store shelves. You should be home way ahead of any actual panic, but sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry with your route. I don’t think anyone would be barricading streets the first or even third day after the lights go out.

Are you carrying three days’ worth of water on your or are their sources you can tap into along the way. Assuming you have cash on hand you will likely be able to purchase it from stores who are likely still in operation as the Normalcy bias takes over for most.

What factors do the weather play?

Adverse weather could seriously impede your progress. Walking in snow or ice or even extreme heat would sap your energy and could cause injuries. You first have to plan for those extremes if they are common to your area.

If you are facing a walk home and you live in the deserts of the Southwest, you could be forced to walk only at night when the temperatures are cooler and find shade to rest during the day. You understand the weather factors that could influence a trip like this so you have to plan accordingly.

For most of us, walking home is not incredibly difficult with a decent fitness level and some simple preparation. We may never be forced to use our get home bags, but it makes sense to prepare now like we do. You will be more able to react quickly and make the right decisions if you do.

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World War 3 Coming Soon? Tanks Roll Across The Border As Turkish Invasion Of Syria Begins


World War 3 Apocalypse - Public DomainThe invasion of Syria that so many people have been warning about is now happening.  On Wednesday, Turkish tanks rolled across the Syrian border, and they were accompanied by radical Islamic Syrian rebels that want to ultimately overthrow the Assad regime.  This invasion was conducted under the code name “Euphrates Shield”, and it was supported by airstrikes from A-10s and F-16s that are part of the U.S.-led coalition that has been conducting airstrikes against ISIS targets in the region.  The mainstream media in the United States has been very quiet about this escalation of the conflict in Syria, but things are much different in the rest of the world.  For example, a major Israeli news source announced the attack this way: “Turkey invades Syria“.  And without a doubt, that is precisely what is taking place.  The Syrian government denounced this move by Turkey as a “blatant breach to its sovereignty”, and the Russians are deeply alarmed.  The farther Turkish forces push into northern Syria, the more likely they will be to encounter Syrian or Russian forces, and one bad move could result in the outbreak of World War 3 in the Middle East.

The fact that the U.S. media is treating this invasion of Syria as if it is of little importance is deeply disturbing.  These days, the big news channels are obsessed with feeding us propaganda about how “healthy” Hillary Clinton is, or about how “racist” Donald Trump is, and they spend exceedingly little time on the things that really matter all over the globe.

Fortunately, it is not the same way around much of the rest of the planet.  Here is an excerpt from a British news source about the Turkish attack…

It is hard to anticipate whether Turkey’s unprecedented military incursion into Syria this week will change the dynamics of the multiple wars that have ravaged the region and put civilians through hell. If things already seemed complicated in the Middle East, they may have just become even more so. What started on Wednesday ranks as the largest Turkish military operation inside Syrian territory since the civil war began five years ago. A dozen tanks, reportedly followed by a bus transporting Syrian rebels, rolled into northern Syria to drive Islamic State forces from the town of Jarablus, one of their last footholds on the Turkish-Syrian border. Today Turkey sent more tanks in and told the YPG Kurdish armed group it had one week to retreat from the border areas.

We are being told that the primary purpose of this Turkish invasion is “to fight ISIS”, but that is just for western consumption.  The truth is that Turkey has actually been supporting ISIS and other terror groups in Syria for a very long time.  In fact, it has been heavily documented that ISIS sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stolen oil through Turkey until the Russians put a stop to it.

No, the real motivation for this assault is to stop the advance of Kurdish forces.  Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu recently promised that Turkey would “do what is necessary” to keep Kurdish fighters east of the Euphrates River, and even President Erdogan is admitting that the Kurds are primary targets in this operation

“(Wednesday’s operation) started in the north of Syria against terror groups which constantly threaten our country, like (ISIS) and the PYD,” Erdogan said, referring to a Syrian Kurdish opposition political party.

And U.S. officials know exactly what Erdogan is doing.  Just check out what one of them told CNN

Another senior US official told CNN’s Barbara Starr the US assessment is that Turkey’s cross-border action is largely about trying to stop Kurdish action. “The Turks never cared about Jarablus until the Kurds wanted to get there,” the official said.

So now the Turks have declared open season on the Kurds in northern Syria, and the Syrian Kurds are treating this move as “a declaration of war”

Spokesman for the YPG Kurdish militia, Redur Xelil, called Turkey’s move “blatant aggression in Syrian internal affairs.” Aldar Xelil, another influential Kurdish politician, accused Turkey of initiating an occupation of Syria, saying the operation amounted to “a declaration of war” on the autonomous administration set up by Kurdish groups in northern Syria in 2011.

According to the Turkish government, Operation Euphrates Shield will “create a safe zone” that will be 90 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide that stretches roughly from the town of Jarablus to the town of Marea.

That is a massive amount of territory, and this basically shows that the Turks plan to set up shop there permanently.

President Erdogan and his supporters have always dreamed of recreating the old Ottoman Empire, and they already have military forces occupying portions of northern Iraq.  This move into northern Syria is yet another bold move in the direction of their ultimate goal.

But will the Russians just stand by and allow the Turks to do whatever they want?

So far the Russians are not saying much, but Vladimir Putin has ordered snap military drills

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered snap military drills as German Chancellor Angela Merkel accused him of breaking international law in Ukraine and said NATO will defend member states against attack.

Combat readiness exercises are taking place “to defend the interests of the Russian Federation amid increasing threats to its security,” Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Thursday in a statement on the ministry’s website. Troops in Russia’s southern, central and western military districts, naval deployments in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and airborne forces are involved, he said.

The Russians don’t want to fight Turkish forces in Syria, but as they have shown in Crimea, in Ukraine and elsewhere, they are definitely not afraid to take military action when their interests require it.

And if Russia and Turkey do start fighting, that would threaten to drag the rest of NATO (including the United States) into the conflict.

Turkey has been chomping at the bit to start grabbing chunks of territory in northern Syria for quite some time now, but this invasion is going to turn out to be a tragic mistake.

President Erdogan has definitely overplayed his hand this time, and let us just hope that it doesn’t result in World War 3 erupting in the Middle East.

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Jason Aldean Joins Fielf & Stream as New Brand Ambassador for the Company

Country Music Sensation Jason Aldean Partners with Field & Stream as New Brand Ambassador
Country Music Sensation Jason Aldean Partners with Field & Stream as New Brand Ambassador
Field & Stream
Field & Stream

PITTSBURGH-( Field & Stream, an outdoor specialty brand owned and operated by leading omni-channel retailer DICK’S Sporting Goods, announced today RIAA’s top digital country male artist of all time and outdoor enthusiast Jason Aldean as the new face of the Field & Stream brand.

Field & Stream products and stores are named for the iconic brand that has been synonymous with outdoor traditions for more than 140 years. Products are sold exclusively at more than 645 DICK’S Sporting Goods and more than 20 Field & Stream stores across the country, and on both retailers’ respective eCommerce sites.

“Outdoor sports and activities have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” said Aldean. “Whether it was hunting with my dad and granddad, or fishing with my girls, it’s always been a way for us to spend time together. So, I naturally am into what Field & Stream is all about, and am looking forward to being part of their team.”

Leading the marketing efforts is a new TV ad campaign featuring stories of some of Aldean’s own outdoor traditions with his father, Barry. The new TV spot will air beginning on August 22 on ABC, ESPN the Outdoor Channel, Nat Geo, Discovery, History and more.

“We’re excited to partner with Jason as Field & Stream’s first brand ambassador,” said Lauren Hobart, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, DICK’S Sporting Goods and Field & Stream. “Our goal was to form an authentic partnership with someone who is genuinely passionate about hunting and fishing, and believes in building traditions through spending time outdoors. Jason was an obvious choice for us.”

To start shopping the wide variety of products, or for more information on Field & Stream and the Jason Aldean partnership, visit

About Field & Stream Specialty Store

Named for the iconic brand that for more than 140 years has been synonymous with outdoor experiences, the Field & Stream store offers a vast assortment of outdoor equipment, accessories and services in hunting, fishing, archery, camping and more. As of July 30, 2016, the Company operated more than 20 Field & Stream stores, carrying a wide variety of top national brands including Remington, Under Armour, Carhartt, Shimano, Yeti and many more, while also providing top of the line in-store services. The Field & Stream trademark is owned by American Sports Licensing LLC., and is not associated with Field & Stream Magazine. For more information, visit

About Jason Aldean

Hot on the heels of his 17th career No. One, Academy of Country Music’s “Entertainer of the Year” Jason Aldean deploys “A Little More Summertime” to Country Radio serving as the second release from the multi-Platinum singer’s newly announced seventh studio album THEY DON’T KNOW (Broken Bow Records), available Sept. 9. Aldean has teamed up with longtime producer Michael Knox on the forthcoming album along with the same band on-and-off stage for a full decade. The new music follows the coveted ACM Triple Crown winner’s OLD BOOTS, NEW DIRT which debuted at the No. One spot on Billboard’s Country Albums Chart, earned its PLATINUM certification only nine weeks after release and spawned three consecutive No. Ones. Aldean has “never been afraid to let his diverse musical interests influence his sound” (The Oklahoman) as each album released has earned PLATINUM or better tallying more than 14 million album sales. Aldean is currently headlining his SIX STRING CIRCUS TOUR which includes an upcoming double-header at Fenway Park. For more information on new music and a full list of tour dates, visit

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Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Tax-Free Guns, Fed-Up Waiters, and The Gospel According to Friesen




Springfield CrossCannon_2016 small

Buy Guns Tax-Free in These States – “Gun buyers in two states will soon get a reprieve from sales taxes. Mississippi and Louisiana will host “Second Amendment Weekend” sales tax holidays over the next two weeks. MississippiOpens a Read More

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Rob Pincus Takes on The Young Turks



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Rob Pincus joined Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks yesterday to respond to the controversy TYT stirred up from a statement he made while hosting a seminar during the NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, KY.

In response to a video taken during Pincus’ seminar, TYT posted to their YouTube channel on June 1, 2016:

The NRA is a mouthpiece for the gun manufacturing industry. Their main goal is always to increase gun sales. To this end, they want to convince people they need a gun in every room of the house, including children’s bedrooms. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Jordan Chariton (TYT Politics), hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Home defense was a focus of this year’s NRA members meeting, according to the Houston Chronicle. One of the offerings was a well-attended seminar on “Home Defense Concepts” taught by gun safety advocate and firearms instructor Rob Pincus.

“How about putting a quick-access safe in your kids’ bedroom? Good idea or bad idea?” Pincus can be seen asking the audience in the video. “We have an emotional push back to that. Here’s my position on this: If you’re worried that your kid is going to try to break into the safe that is in their bedroom, with a gun in it, you have bigger problems than home defense.”

As many of you know, Pincus is a firearms defense expert, author, instructor, consultant, trainer and a father.

Watch Rob school Cenk then sound off: Do you agree with Rob?

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