This Week on Shooting USA: Hornady’s Zombie 3-Gun Competition

Shooting USA
Shooting USA

Nashville, TN -( It’s happening again! Zombies are invading Nebraska! It’s Hornady’s Pandemic in the Heartland that’s become a tradition in five years of competition and weekend fun. The run-and-gun multi-gun match continues to grow in popularity, as competitors, like Jerry Miculek continue to defeat those zombie targets.

Plus, the Les Baer Custom Ladies Pistol Team celebrates 20 years of shooting competition at the National Matches at Camp Perry.

And, the 10-millimeter cartridge makes a comeback! The Colt Delta Elite returns to the market with a few key upgrades. Tune in to Outdoor Channel this week!



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BREAKING: Terrorist Attack on Paris Police on the Champs-Elysees



French investigators said a suspect rammed his car loaded with an AK-47, handguns, bottles of gasoline, and explosives into a police van on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, France Monday afternoon.

“Security forces have been targeted in France once again,” Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said, calling the incident an “attempted attack”.

“The car contained weapons, explosives, enough to allow him to blow up this car,” said Collomb.

Two police officials told The Associated Press that a handgun was found on the driver, who they said was badly burned after the vehicle exploded. They spoke on condition of anonymity to reveal details of the incident, the second this year on the city’s most famous avenue, which is popular with tourists.

A witness said the officers at the scene broke the windows of the suspect’s car and pulled the man out of the burning vehicle.

The suspect, who had been flagged by investigators for extremism, has been confirmed dead. No other injuries were reported from the incident.

France has been under a state of emergency since terrorist attacks began in the country in November 2015.

Large explosion and shots fired on Champs Elysee #Paris looks like on person on ground.. everyone told to run..

— Andrew Hawley (@aelhawley) June 19, 2017

NEW: Man who crashed into police car in Paris dead; weapons, explosives found in car, French interior minister says

— ABC News (@ABC) June 19, 2017

VIDEO: TERROR ON THE CHAMPS-ÉLYSEES …. read the full story here. #Paris #ChampsElysees #terror

— Pamela Geller (@PamelaGeller) June 19, 2017

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How to Get Prepared When Time Is NOT On Your Side


Get Prepared

There are a lot of factors that make preparing for a crisis difficult. While some have issues with budgeting for gear and products, others tend to forgo their physical preparedness. But if I were to pick the main culprit that prohibits readiness for those striving to be prepared, it would be time. The question that I get asked the most by my NTC Members goes something like this: How can I find time to get prepared when I barely have time to eat?

Multitasking: The True Secret of Emergency Preparedness

Time management is crucial in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. Our jobs take up a big chunk of our day, and that doesn’t even count the commute. If you have children, there are continual tasks that need to be accounted for. When you add in a pet or two… Finding time for anything is at a premium.

We both realize the importance of preparing for ourselves and our families. If we choose to wait, it truly may be too late to get prepared. The stress in trying to find the time can be overwhelming. We all want to do the right thing, but there are only so many hours in a day. Alleviating something from your packed schedule may not be an option.

I have witnessed many would-be survivalists give up on their preparedness needs because they no longer had the time. Anytime they spoke about it, I could always tell that it ate them up inside. I began to think of how to multi-task in order to get prepared with other must-do’s still on the list. There’s always going to be a caveat or two, depending on your current situation. As with most things, what will work well for some may not work at all for others. But there are a few ideas that seem to work across the board.

Here Are a Few Tips for Getting Prepared When Time Is Not on Your Side:

Go Camping:

get prepared

Vacation time is factored into most hectic schedules. For your next holiday getaway….Go camping! Camping is a great way to de-stress and spend some quality time bonding with loved ones. It’s also an ideal environment to get some emergency preparedness training in. You can cook over an open fire. That way, you can practice your fire building skills. In addition, you can build a shelter and spend a night in there. When choosing a campsite, go with primitive. Avoid campgrounds that provide electrical and water hookups at the sites, which will help you get prepared subconsciously for longer survival situations.

On extended stays, you can test the requirements needed by your family for a 72 to 96 hour emergency. This will help you address your water needs, as well as food consumption. This is also a great opportunity to get familiar with the items in your go-bags. Live out there as if there were a crisis going on back in “civilization.” Perfect practice always makes perfect. 🙂

Watch Video Tutorials:

Get Prepared

Family time is usually scheduled into most agendas. Instead of watching your favorite movie for the 10th time, put on some skill-building tutorials. You want to try and keep it fun and entertaining, especially for those group members that may not be as interested in preparedness. So break out the popcorn and play the tutorials on your home entertainment center! The more that it still feels like “family night,” the more enjoyable that it will be. This will go a long way in getting the family to retain the knowledge being conveyed.

Along the same lines, you can also watch a movie that is focussed on survival. Brief your family before the movie and have them reflect on how they would react if this crisis were to happen to them. Would they know how to get prepared? You can pause the movie after any major focal point and make it a quick lesson. The more engaging that the experience becomes, the more that everyone involved will gain.

Go Off-Grid In Your Home:

Get Prepared

In many SHTF scenarios, bugging-in or hunkering down at home is your best bet. Getting as much real practice as possible is imperative for testing and even making your plan, so that you can get prepared. Since you don’t even have to leave your location, you save precious time. Once again, you can make this a fun, family event. Gather your supplies and make a weekend out of it.

Make all of your “on-grid” areas off limits. You can even go as far as shutting off the electrical breakers to the main area that you will be occupying in your home. Even bathrooms – and of course, the refrigerator -are off limits.

OK, maybe not the bathrooms…

The water coming from the home cannot be trusted, so it needs to be boiled. Do you have a propane stove that you can use? Is using a fire pit in your backyard an option? These are answers that need to be addressed. Going off-grid in your home for a weekend will give you valuable insight about your plan.

Add One Piece Of Gear Per Month:

Get Prepared

We both want to build up our go-bags with all of the coolest and most functional gear available. We also realize that there is a lot of equipment that will be required for our family or group. Finding time to not only gather but also research the right products can be impossible.

Hasty decisions get made and…

More often than not, This leads to either inferior gear being implemented or just the wrong gear. Period. Gathering all of your gear at once can also break your budget much quicker than you think.

Add one piece of gear, personal or group, to your supplies each month. This will give you ample time to research the item. You may even have a friend that has the item that you have been eyeing. Ask if you can test it out and go from there. You can then find the best price on that same item or find something better for your needs. With the remainder of your time, try and get as much practice as possible in with your new item, so that you can truly get prepared. A new piece of gear is useless if you don’t know how to use it!

The following month, you can move on to the next item on your list and repeat the process. In a few months you will have some quality gear that you know how to use. You will be ahead of most that have stuffed go-bags. They have the gadgets…but are genuinely clueless on what half of their packed gear list is even for.

Throw On A Pack For Family Walks:

Get Prepared

Another great way to utilize family time is to go for walks together. If you’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where it is feasible, great! If not, head to the local city, county or state park. On these walks, put on a pack or your go bag as you continue your hike. If possible, get your family members to do the same. During an emergency, you may have to leave your home and head out on foot. This is giving you and your family members good practice. The best part is that it’s disguised as a regular walk.

If you have a dog, you can follow the same idea. Our dogs need daily walks; I will argue that so do we. Throw on your pack or go bag during these walks with your best friend. If you have a pack for your dog, this is the time that you want to get them used to it. This gives both of you experience with your pack. And let’s not forget the valuable physical preparedness that you’re building.

Whether it’s with your family, dog or both… It easily fits into your schedule.

Volunteer At A Boy Scout Outing:

Get Prepared

I’m sure that you know someone who has a child who’s a boy scout. You may even have a boy scout in your own family. Most active boy scout troops go camping on a regular basis. If you speak to the scout’s guardian, they will tell you that they can always use some extra help at these outings. As long as they know and can vouch for you, you will be more than welcomed by the other adult leaders.

You will be wonderfully surprised by the proficiency of these scouts. They operate as one unit when needed and also break down into smaller patrols or groups. Their outdoor skill-sets rival many of the so-called experts that we see on reality TV. When you volunteer for an event, not only are you helping young scouts, but you’ll also gain some valuable knowledge.

If you do take my advice on this one, don’t be intimidated to ask the scouts to teach you. Not only will you be helping them to become leaders and teachers, but you’ll also make their day. On top of all that, you’ll get some real deal preparedness training under your belt in a relatively short period of time.

Get Involved With C.E.R.T. Events:

Get Prepared

Getting involved in our community gets factored into many of our schedules. After all, these may be the people that you need to work with in a crisis situation. You need to get some face-time with them even if it’s extremely limited. One way to achieve this while aiding your preparedness is to attend a local C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Teams) event.

C.E.R.T. offers many opportunities to learn and even test your preparedness skills. It’s pretty much their mission. This is FEMA’s statement from their website:

“C.E.R.T. educates individuals about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.”

Getting involved with C.E.R.T. allows you the opportunity to meet people that will be in charge during a local disaster. Being familiar with those in charge and their plan can enhance your chances of boding well during a crisis.

Practice Fire Building In Your Backyard:

Get Prepared

Many of us live in cities and aren’t able to build a fire ring on our property. But at the very least, if you have the ability to put a small fire pit in your backyard, take advantage of the opportunity and do it! Fire building is a crucial skill to possess in most emergency situations. Being able to start a fire, by various means, is not only advised….It’s a must! In order to develop as well as to maintain this skill-set, there needs to be practice.

With a busy schedule, getting away to the local camping ground isn’t going to be sustainable. Having access to a place in your home where you can practice fire building is ideal. You can cook a weekly dinner in your fire pit as an example. Feeding yourself and the family is a necessity, so you may as well get your fire building skill-building in.

It just doesn’t get any better than sitting around an open flame with your family toasting marshmallows. Use your scheduled family time sitting around your fire pit instead of on the couch. You can hone your fire building skills while the family enjoys some sweet, tasty treats!

Bottom Line:

Get Prepared

There will always be an excuse for not having enough time to prepare. Just like many facets in life, we need to actually want it in order to make time to achieve it. I gave a few simple tips for fitting-in the much needed time for preparedness. Hopefully these can get you started as you develop your own multi-tasking methods for preparedness.

The more fun that you can make the learning experience for both you and your family, the easier that all of you will adapt to an emergency scenario.

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Check out How to Get Prepared When Time Is NOT On Your Side at

If you’re looking for useful survival gear that you can’t make at home, check out the Survival Life Store!

Have these tips inspired you to try and get prepared? Let us know in the comment section below! And be sure to leave any tips on how to get prepared too!

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4 Absolutely Necessary Things Every Prepper Must Realize

Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Kirk Reynolds. If you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly win a $300 Amazon Gift Card to purchase your own prepping supplies, enter today.

Now, I have been doing this for over ten years and have been actively involved in a small community of like-minded people for almost as much time – and I have seen plenty of folks come and go (especially since the rise of the show Doomsday Preppers). I – more so than a lot of people involved in this – have dealt with A LOT of other preppers face to face and I want to talk about the patterns that I have seen form over the years.

Before anything else I will quickly mention one thing that has been repeated a lot but is always worth mentioning – physical fitness! I have met people who hold the belief that it doesn’t matter if they cannot handle a flight of stairs as ‘the weight will come off when it needs too’ and ‘my body will adapt’. You can be the best prepared and equipped person on Earth but the harsh reality is that day zero will involve a lot of hard work, even if you intend to hunker down, you need to take into consideration preparing your AO and getting there. The reality is that no matter the event, prepping without the willingness to make some sacrifice to fitness is hoarding under a different name.

Now with that over with…

Skills – not stuff!

All too frequent is the mentality that having lots of “things” is going to make a SHTF scenario easier; while yes, there is a baseline amount of prepping supplies that will improve your chances and are basically necessities (A good knife, a map, a plan, and a gun depending on how you feel about the situation) that isn’t everything. What I am talking about is the huge tendency to believe that having an object is the same as being able to use said object proficiently.

Using a knife as an example – I believe that you will be hard pressed to find a single prepper that doesn’t carry a knife and have a good fixed blade somewhere. However I would say over 80% of preppers do not have knife skills, what I mean by this is do you know you to whittle, make traps, baton well, the uses for various knife blades and shapes, and how to dress a kill for hide and meat?

The same can be said of maps – yes navigating when you know your initial position is easy, but in the event you get disoriented can you triangulate your position with landmarks. What if you do not know the area, can you still find your way around?

Chances are that no matter how well prepared you are, a SHTF scenario will – eventually be similar to living in a completely infrastructure-less environment. Backpacking over a multi-week time period and hunting are excellent ways to learn many skills to make your life easier.

What are your gear priorities?

people tend to think of prepping items of - it is good to have. Instead try to think of it in a mindset of ‘what else could I bring instead’.

People tend to think of prepping items of – it is good to have. Instead try to think of it in a mindset of ‘what else could I bring instead’.

Prepping – like engineering, is not about having the most of everything, it is about having the right amount of everything. Whether you intend to stay or bug out, it is of course important to have the skills (Can you pack a bag correctly etc). However I see many people approaching with a mindset of hoarding will make things easier, as an example I spoke to a man whom had 43 different weapons with almost 500 days of non-perishable food. This mindset of buying without realizing that in a SHTF scenario every item you bring or stock has a cost.

For example with every weapon that man owned he was paying a price in 3 different ways.

  1. Obviously, space and weight. That 2.5 Kg rifle could be swapped for 2.5 Kg of water purification tablets, ammunition or tools – people tend to think of prepping items of – it is good to have. Instead try to think of it in a mindset of ‘what else could I bring instead’.
  2. Ultimately guns must be maintained regularly and more guns will mean more maintenance and man hours spent tending to your weapons.
  3. Finally, almost everything that is a tool for your own survival is also a tool AGAINST your survival. A bigger stash makes you more attractive to bandits and in this situation the only reason to have that many weapons was to maintain a guard force large enough to protect 200-300 people. If your plan is to conscript people and form a sizable community for survival that is fine, but having 40 people armed and only having enough farming tools and equipment to support 10 long-term is very dangerous.

Learn to maintain and make everything!

Learn as much passing knowledge on simple items as possible, learn to make bows, furniture, simple houses, simple clothes, simple bags, and anything along that line

Learn as much passing knowledge on simple items as possible, learn to make bows, furniture, simple houses, simple clothes, simple bags, and anything along that line

This is less applicable for people prepping for 3-4 day events like earthquakes and more aimed at people prepping for a complete breakdown of human society for an indefinite period of time. All too often I hear statements like ‘I have these 2 really super high quality solar panels so I will be fine’ unfortunately the reality is even the most expensive and well made tools money can buy are unlikely to survive 10 years of use. It may not be a nice reality but the reality is that any tool that you bring that cannot be replicated with basic machining knowledge and tools is temporary.

Learn the basics of reshaping scrap metal and wood – learn to make a furnace with materials that are renewable (Think clay and charcoal for the fire). Learn as much passing knowledge on simple items as possible, learn to make bows, furniture, simple houses, simple clothes, simple bags, and anything along that line – not only will it be useful in equipping your group but also for trading, a working and replaceable long-range weapon like a bow will be worth more than luxury cars 15 years after a collapse.

And finally, learn how to lead and how humans think.

People, given tools and direction can and will work and provide for themselves and the unprepared group who bands together will outlast the lone prepper.

People, given tools and direction can and will work and provide for themselves and the unprepared group who bands together will outlast the lone prepper.

Prepping has a strong theme of different strokes for different folks but one of the most common themes is ‘Everyone is going to be marauders and is going to be after me and I am going to have to kill so many hapless raiders and that justifies my federal armory of weapons!’. I have served, and I have been in disaster situations both long and short-term and the reality is there will be raiders for maybe a week – tops.

After that people will work together on a small-scale (think tribes) because we are naturally altruistic. After maybe a year or two and people are established raids will begin again. Preppers are almost always very exclusionary – I have met people who think the world will end if you share your beans but it is almost exactly the opposite.

People, given tools and direction can and will work and provide for themselves and the unprepared group who bands together will outlast the lone prepper. Television always portrays survival groups as a bunch of assholes all fighting for dominance all the time but really, it is the opposite! Almost always everyone just agrees they need food or whatever and no one steps up to the plate to really make decisions. Be that person and you will form a group of 20-30 people who will work for you and with you to make everyone’s lives better – it is how we are programmed.

The final note I leave you with on this topic is that people always form tribes and tribes are ALWAYS communal. Don’t expect that refusing to share what you have will extend your life at all.

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We Are Getting Very Close To An Inverted Yield Curve – And If That Happens A Recession Is Essentially Guaranteed


If something happens seven times in a row, do you think that there is a pretty good chance that it will happen the eighth time too?  Immediately prior to the last seven recessions, we have seen an inverted yield curve, and it looks like it is about to happen again for the very first time since the last financial crisis.  For those of you that are not familiar with this terminology, when we are talking about a yield curve we are typically talking about the spread between two-year and ten-year U.S. Treasury bond yields.  Normally, long-term rates are higher than short-term rates, but when investors get spooked about the economy this can reverse.  Just before every single recession since 1960 the yield curve has “inverted”, and now we are getting dangerously close to it happening again for the first time in a decade.

On Thursday, the spread between two-year and ten-year Treasuries dropped to just 79 basis points.  According to Business Insider, this is almost the tightest that the yield curve has been since 2007…

The spread between the yields on two-year and 10-year Treasurys fell to 79 basis points, or 0.79%, after Wednesday’s disappointing consumer-price and retail-sales data. The spread is currently within a few hundredths of a percentage point of being the tightest it has been since 2007.

Perhaps more notably, it is on a path to “inverting” — meaning it would cost more to borrow for the short term than the long term — for the first time since the months leading up to the financial crisis.

So why is an inverted yield curve such a big event?  Here is how CNBC recently explained it…

An inverted yield curve, which has correctly predicted the last seven recessions going back to the late 1960’s, occurs when short-term interest rates yield more than longer-term rates. Why is an inverted yield curve so crucial in determining the direction of markets and the economy? Because when bank assets (longer-duration loans) generate less income than bank liabilities (short-term deposits), the incentive to make new loans dries up along with the money supply. And when asset bubbles are starved of that monetary fuel they burst. The severity of the recession depends on the intensity of the asset bubbles in existence prior to the inversion.

What is truly alarming is that the Federal Reserve can see what is happening to the yield curve, and they can see all of the other indications that the economy is slowing down, but they decided to raise rates anyway.

Raising rates in a slowing economy is a recipe for disaster, but the Fed has gone beyond that and has declared that it intends to start unwinding the 4.5 trillion dollars of assets that have accumulated on the Fed’s balance sheet.

Janet Yellen is trying to tell us that this will be a smooth process, but many analysts are far from convinced.  For instance, just consider what Peter Boockvar recently told CNBC

“They desperately want this to be an easy, smooth, paint-drying type of process, but there’s no chance,” said Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group. “The whole purpose of quantitative easing was to inflame the markets higher. Why shouldn’t the reverse happen when we do quantitative tightening?”

I hope that there are no political motivations behind the Fed’s moves.  During the Obama era, interest rates were pushed all the way to the floor and the financial system was flooded with new money by the Fed.  But now the Fed is completely reversing the process now that Donald Trump is in office.

When the inevitable stock market crash comes, Trump will get most of the blame, but it will actually be the Federal Reserve’s fault.  If the Fed had not injected trillions of dollars into the system, stocks would not have ever gotten this high.  And now that they are reversing the process that created the bubble, a whole lot of innocent people out there are going to get really hurt as stock prices come crashing down.

And if you thought that the last recession was bad for average American families, wait until you see what happens this time around.  As Kevin Muir has noted, it is utter madness for the Fed to hit the breaks in a rapidly slowing economy…

There are a million other little signs the US economy is rolling over, but that’s not important. What is important is the realization that until financial conditions back up, the Fed will not ease off the brake.

To top it all off, the Fed is not only braking, but they are also preparing the market for a balance sheet unwind. This is like QE in reverse.

It’s a perfect storm of negativity. An overly tight Fed that is determined to withdraw monetary stimulus even in the face of a declining economy.

Even if the Fed ultimately decides not to unwind their balance sheet very rapidly, rising rates will still significantly slow down economic activity.

Rising mortgage rates are going to hit the housing market hard, rising rates on auto loans are horrible news for an auto industry that is already having a horrendous year, and rising rates on credit cards will mean higher credit card payments for millions of American families.

And this comes at a time when indicator after indicator is already screaming that the next recession is dead ahead.

Today, an unelected, unaccountable central banking cartel has far more power over our economy than anyone else, and that includes President Trump and Congress.  The more manipulating they do, the bigger our economic booms and busts become, and this next bust is going to be a doozy.

There have been 18 distinct recessions or depressions since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, and if we finally want to get off of this economic roller coaster for good we need to abolish the Federal Reserve.

As many of you may have heard, I am very strongly leaning toward running for Congress here in Idaho, and one of the key things that is going to set me apart from any other candidate is that I am very passionate about shutting down the Federal Reserve.  I recently detailed why it is imperative that we do this in an article entitled “The Federal Reserve Must Go”.  Central banks are designed to create government debt spirals, and the size of the U.S. national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger since the Fed was initially established.

If we ever want to do something about our national debt, and if we ever want to get our economy back on track on a permanent basis, we have got to do something about the Federal Reserve.

Anyone that would suggest otherwise is just wasting your time.

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NRL Announces Kelbly’s Inc. as Official Action Sponsor

Kelby's Inc. Atlas
Kelby’s Inc. Atlas

SANTA ANA, Calif. -( The National Rifle League is pleased to announce that Kelbly Rifles has agreed to sponsor the NRL’s 2017 season as the official Action Sponsor. The company offers aluminum, steel, and in-stock rifle actions.

Today, Kelbly’s is averaging over 1,200 actions yearly with 40 percent sold to overseas customers.

Kelbly’s Inc. manufactures both aluminum and steel rifle actions. Kelbly’s Inc. aluminum models are of a square, flat-bottomed design to give a much greater and longer-lasting bedding area. It’s steel actions feature a 416R stainless steel body and a 4140 alloy steel bolt.

The Atlas steel action was added in 2009 as a Remington semi-clone, that features a side bolt release and trigger hanger.

“The NRL is grateful to have a prestigious company like Kelbly’s Inc. supporting us during our inaugural season.” stated Travis Ishida, President of National Rifle League. “Kelbly’s will enhance the overall experience of our matches by not only rewarding participants of the match, but the RO’s and everyone else who played a part in running the match.”

“Kelbly’s is excited to be the Official NRL Action Sponsor for 2017, because we are able to give back to a community that has given our company so much,” stated Ian Kelbly, Treasurer of Kelbly’s Inc. “Having the NRL community use Kelbly products is a huge goal for us, as they use products every day, day in and day out, and it is the perfect platform to test and drive innovation.”

NRL, Atlas Tactical Action
NRL, Atlas Tactical Action

Kelbly’s Inc. is working to bring a great experience to the 2017 season of precision rifle matches and the community.

This includes presenting gift certificates for competitors to select off the prize table at each match and generous deals for Range Officers, including during the 2017 Season Championship match held in January 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.


About Kelbly’s Inc.:

Kelbly’s Inc. is a custom Rifle manufacturer in North Lawrence, OH. Kelbly’s Inc. manufactures Actions, Scope Rings, Scope Bases, Triggers, Stocks, and Rifles.

For more information, please visit their website.


About the National Rifle League:

National Rifle League is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities. These activities are designed to develop marksmanship skills for those participating in the shooting sports, promote firearms and hunting safety, and to educate the general public about firearms.
Its mission is to enable growth in the competitive shooting sports, for those who have aspiration for their communities, their businesses, families, and themselves. National Rifle League supports them on their journey from ambition to achievement. And this is why it is so proud to support match directors and competitive shooting athletes as they represent all of us over the United States.

For more information, please visit their website.

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Vedder Holsters Daily Digest – Post Baseball Shooting Anti-Gun Special Edition

To the surprise of absolutely no one, in the wake yesterday’s shooting of five people at a GOP Congressional baseball practice, we’re now been treated to a feeding frenzy of…

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Here’s 3 Instances GOP Staffer Zack Barth Proved Bravery Exists



Early Wednesday morning, a man in his mid-60s opened fire on the Republican team who was preparing for the Congressional baseball game. Majority Whip Steve Scalise was injured during the ordeal and remains in critical condition. The gunman succumbed to his injuries and was the only person who was killed during the ordeal.

One of Rep. Roger Williams’ Legislative Correspondents, Zack Barth, was shot and injured during the incident. But Barth did something most wouldn’t: he fought and proved that bravery does exist.

He sought help by utilizing technology.

According to Rep. Williams, even though Barth was shot, he continued to text people to let them know the Republican team was under attack.

“All the time he was bleeding, under fire, he was texting, letting people know we were under fire, and we needed help,” Williams said.

He wasn’t phased by being shot.

When Rep. Williams informed Barth that he had been shot, he said it was “no big deal.”

Mo Brooks says he told staffer Zach Barth he’d shot. Barth’s reply:
“He said, ‘Oh it’s no big deal'”

— Betsy Woodruff (@woodruffbets) June 15, 2017

He was nonchalant about the ordeal.

Barth took to Facebook to let his friends, family, and colleagues know that he had been shot. His wording of the incident made it seem like it was no big ordeal.


Barth has since been released from the hospital.

According to Barth’s LinkedIn account, he has been a member of Williams’ staff since September. He previously worked for Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) and interned for the Jeb Bush campaign.




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